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Force Calibration

Force Calibration

Qrics Calibration Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. can be of service to you whether you require accredited calibration service of Force Calibration.
Detailed Description

Our Calibration Department can perform tests that are otherwise near impossible when using mechanical loaded calibration machines. We offer full service of Force Calibration and use calibration procedures in compliance with ISO standards. Qrics Calibration Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Force Calibration laboratories offer calibration of force measuring devices, covering ranges from 0.1N up to 600kN in both tension and compression, with both increasing and decreasing forces.

Our Force calibration service capabilities include:

  • Load cells
  • Load columns
  • Load links
  • Proving rings
  • Dynamometers
  • Force gauges (digital and analogue)
  • Spring balances
  • Crane weigher.
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